Saturday, January 16, 2010


This handsome young gentleman is Victor, named after Isabelle's and Frank's first born. I finally decided to make his hat out of felt instead of crochet because it looked fancier that way.


This cute little hippo is called Benjamin, named after Celine's first born. It took me a while to finish him because I just couldn't find the right proportions. But here he is.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Cross Stitching for Bitches

My sister gave me a great book for Christmas called "Borduren for Bitches" (translation "Cross Stitching for Bitches"). It is absolutely awesome! Julie Jackson discovered a new type of anger management therapy with cross stitching. Instead of doing the cute and kitch type of paterns, she uses outraguous phrases. Look at her website
I was totaly inspired and decided to make one for Siska, with the appropriate word "zuurpruim", litteraly "sour prune". It's an inside joke about one of her female bosses who made her life misserable... I think the contrast between this nasty word and the cute little pink bunnies and blue birds is a total hit!

Naughty Kitty

It took me a long time to make this new amigurumi simply because I had to find exactly the right design. I had promised my friend Siska on her birthday (July 24th!) that I would make her a Hello Kitty, but a naughty one. Well, it's not that easy to find out how you can "sex" up a "sweet little kitty". I finaly decided I would make it a black kitty instead of white, and with a lot of bling. Then I found on some japanese sites this half demon half angel kitty and that was it. As you can see she has little horns and a demon tail and is wearing a red, naughty dress. But she also has cute white little wings, underpants with lace and a big white heart with some bling. Needless to say Siska LOVED it! I think it's one of my masterpieces so far.