Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Raspeberry & ChocolateChip Muffins

Last week I made a new recipe: raspberry & chocholatechip muffins. My colleges at work loved it!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Miss Kitty in progress

This is what I'm working on right now: Miss Kitty. I still have to make her body, with a cute littel pink dress. To be continued....

Sunday, June 28, 2009


When my godchild Morgane painted here room in bright green and pink, I decided to make her a nice pillow, to put on her bed. One one side it's knit with four-colored yarn and a checkered pattern of knit & purl and 3 little flowers attached to it. And on the other side a big pink heart, set in a green background and a white border

Saturday, June 27, 2009


This cute little koala bear was also made in Verbier during my ski break at Easter. I called her Koaline and gave her to my sweet godchild Morgane.


I made this cute little bunny during Easter breack in Verbier, Switserland. I called him Charles because he looks so serious with his tie around his neck. Charles, si tu lis ceci, big bisous!

Green Basket

Don't my two little chicks look happy in there?

Pink Basket

You allready know the story. Mister Teddy was also part of the Easter goodies.

Pink Chick

This was the other little chick that I added in Julie's & Sarah's Easter basket

Purple Chick

During Easter time I decided to make cute little chickies. I got inspired by an image I had seen on Flickr and made this little Purple Chick. As you can see, the shell is removable. I gave this one to Julie & Sarah, Tinneke & Rik's daughters, in 2 great little baskets, with other Easter goodies. They loved. Especially the trick when you put the shell on your head and you make it fall of and you say "boom... aw'!

Pink hat

This is my big pink hat. I found the knitting pattern in one of the great Rowan books "The Next Big Big Thing". I love knitting with big wool because it's so pretty & warm and of course easy and quick. As you can see, you can wear the two ties down, or wrap it like a scarf around your neck. Great for cold winterdays. I love the 2 big ponpons at the end of the ties!

My first amigurumi

This is Mr Teddy, my first Amigurumi. I discovered the art of Amigurumi in the magazine Knit 1 (fall/winter 2008). I made this one just before Easter 2009.