Saturday, May 10, 2014


There are two things I've always wanted to make: Gentse Mastellen en Scones.

1/ Gentse Mastellen
This little sweet bun loaded with cinnamon is a traditional recipe from my home town, Ghent. My great grandmother loved to have her mastel on Sunday for breakfast.
You can eat it as such, or cut it in half, spread some butter and brown sugar, and then put it under a hot iron! Sooooo jummie.
I've tried the recipe from "Bloch" and it was a big flop. The ratios are not OK, the dough is to wet.
But the recipe from "Ons Bakboek" (Boerinnenbond) is perfect.

2/ Scones
The ultimate British scone! Jummie
I tried the recipe from "Bloch" and again a flop. The ratios are good. But you should never ever top scones with an eggwash. And the baking time was to long.
The recipe from Delia Smith "Cakes" however is perfect. Just double the amounts because it only bakes 6 scones...

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