Saturday, May 10, 2014


So here's the first couple of experiments I did with cheesecakes.

1/ The Ultimate Classic Cheesecake
The ultimate cheesecake! It's a lot more work than the regular recipe where you whisk everything in a bowl and than bake everything for an hour. Nope, you have to make a curd and italian meringue. It's almost like a chemistry lab type of job. But it's soooo worth it!
The cookie base is half digestives and half spekuloos.
The cream cheese mixture is vanilla and lemon.

2/ Pumpkin Cheesecake
Soo jummie! A variation on the Ultimate Classic Cheesecake
The cookie base is with gingersnaps.
The filling is with pumpkin and cinnamon.
Can be topped with roasted pecans.
I'm dying to try the same recipe, but with a crême brulée type topping (caramelized crust)

3/ Nutella Cheesecake
Same thing, but different. The Nutella flavor is very subtle and next time I will add a little bit of salt...
The cookie base is with mikado cookies.
The filling is Nutella of course.

4/ Ispahan Cheesecake
The best recipe so far!
Inspired by Pierre Hermé, the French patissier, who combined raspberries, lychees and rose flavor, and called it Ispahan. This cheesecake is soooo fresh and refined! It's a winner!
The cookie base is biscuits de Reims.
The filling is with 40% raspberries 60% lychee and rose sirup.

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