Saturday, May 10, 2014


I also started experimenting with cakes.
This is what I've made so far:

1/ Tangerine Cake
This is actually a pudding that you're supposed to steam in the oven. The tangerine sirup on top is delicious and the cake is super moist. A big hit at the office (my guinea pigs)

2/ Lemon and Poppyseed Cake
One of my colleagues is from Serbia and was telling me about the cakes with poppyseed he was eating as a child in his home country. So I decided to make one with lemon. As it turns out, he remembered a cake with poppyseed and chocolate, so I will have to try that some other time.
This recipe comes from Rose Levy Beranbaum. The cake is also moistened by a lemon sirup. It is so fresh a delicious. Awesome.

3/ Maple & Caramelized Pecan Cake
A sweet recipe from Delia Smith, ideal for autumn and winter time.
Two layers of cake with a delicious mascarpone frosting with maple sirup and caramelized pecans.

4/ Iced Honey and Spiced Cake
Another recipe from Delia Smith. A spiced cake with honey icing. Jummie

5/ Really Really Dark Chocolate Cake
Man, this one was awesome to make. A chocolate cake with a chocolate sirup to make it darker and more moist. Wham Bam!

6/ White Chocolate Pound Cake
I tried this recipe because one of my colleagues sent it, as a request. I was alright, but I think the white chocolate flavor didn't really come through.

7/ Chocolate Raspberry Ganache Layered Cake
Awesome!!!! Another recipe from Rose Levy Beranbaum. Four layers of thin chocolate cake, moistened with raspberry sirup and with raspberry chocolate ganache in between each layer and frosting. So delicate and powerful at the same time. The photo doesn't do the cake justice, because it really looked nice. I guess the lighting wasn't so good when I took the picture...

8/ Cake with Passion Fruit Curd and White Chocolate Frosting
Boy, do I love Rose Levy Beranbaum. Every recipe I try is just amazing!
Two layers of cake, moistened by passion fruit sirup, with a passion fruit curd in between, with white chocolate frosting on top and a swirl of passion fruit curd.
The bitterness of the passion fruit complimented very well with the sweetness of the white chocolate frosting. Very fresh.

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